In Year Admissions

Admissions to Present Year Groups

The Governing Body of the Academy is responsible for its own admissions into the existing Year groups. It has delegated the administration of applications for admission to an Admissions Committee.

The intake into Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 is 180 pupils.

Parents should be aware that the School is full in all Year groups.

Parents who apply for entry and are unsuccessful may, if they wish, be placed on a waiting list.


To download our current Admission Policy please click below.

To download an Application Form please click below.

Parents have the right to appeal for entry to an Independent Appeal Panel if they have been refused entry by the Governing Body Admissions Committee.  Appeal request should be addressed to the Clerk to the Independent Appeal Panel and sent to the School.

To download an Appeal Guidance Form please click below.

To download an Appeal Form please click below.

Admission Appeal Dates are to be confirmed